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Tram system and 90,000 new jobs in MK’s future

Friday 20 November 2020

A tram system, 90,000 new jobs and lifelong homes are just some of the things laid out in MK Council’s strategy for 2050.

Encompassing the issues of travel, homes and the environment, it was published earlier today.
More specifically, the councils promises included increased investment waste recovery and reducing emissions, more affordable homes, MK becoming a Dementia friendly city, new routes for cyclists and e scooters, an electric powered tram system and better bus services.
In an official statement, MK Council commented on the plans, saying:

“MK Council has published its Strategy for 2050 which describes a future for Milton Keynes as a world-renowned green city where everyone can live a decent and secure life.
Strengthening the things that make MK special, up to 90,000 new jobs, equal opportunities for all, ‘lifelong’ homes that suit people at all stages of their life, and a pioneering electric road tram system are among the aspirations for the MK of tomorrow.

Local people have been instrumental in shaping the strategy, which attracted hundreds of comments and ideas in a consultation earlier this year. It aims to inspire urban planners and investors to be innovative and to capitalise on MK’s status as the fastest growing city in the country.”

The strategy was created using the recommendations of a report from the MK Futures 2050 commission to read the full report, please go to: