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Local charity reaches 100th gift package for newborns

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Local charity Baby Basics MK have distributed their 100th newborn gift package
Based at an MK Council funded community warehouse in Kiln Farm by since last March, they’ve delivered 1,300 essential items to children (including babies) and families across Milton Keynes.

As well as new-born gift packages, they also distribute items like toys, clothes and equipment.
Cllr Jane Carr commented on the charity and MK Council’s role in helping them in a statement released today.

She said: “We’re committed to doing all we can, working with fantastic local partners, to drive down rates of child poverty in Milton Keynes. We’re pleased to be able to support MK charities like Baby Basics and the MK Storehouse by covering the costs of leasing a warehouse for them to use, allowing them to concentrate all their efforts on continuing to deliver their excellent work.”