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Listen up: some myths about opera exploded!

Tuesday 08 October 2019

If you come to see a Glyndebourne Tour 2019 production at Milton Keynes Theatre… 

You don’t have to dress up to the nines and wear diamond tiaras and velvet bow ties (unless you want to).

You don’t need to take out a second mortgage to pay for the tickets (prices start from just £13).

You don’t have to speak Italian or French or German to understand what’s going on (if it’s in a foreign language there will be translation surtitles running on a screen above the stage).

You like to have a bit of a laugh on a night out and you think that an opera will be all serious stuff?

Think again. (L’Elisir D’Amore by Donizetti is a comedy with the softest of hearts, the sweetest of melodies and a happy ending. Ahhh!)

You’re not sure how much classical music you can sit through but you really like a good tune? Rinaldo by Handel (he of the Messiah’s Hallelujah Chorus, the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba and the Water Music fame) is packed with good tunes and is his most successful opera to boot!
In your opinion there’s nothing quite like seeing a powerful, meaty drama played out on stage and how does that work if the actors are just singing? Ah, good observation. The fact is that, in Verdi’s Rigoletto, these performers have to be able, not only to act convincingly but to do it to while singing some of the greatest music ever written. On top of that the opera singers have got to be fit, because it’s a real test of endurance; they’ve got to be passionate, because this is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions in which lust, power and innocence collide with fatal consequences and they’ve got to be true to the story because otherwise the audience won’t be swept along with the emotion and we might just as well all go home. 

If you’re worried that you’re not only not a buff or an opera-ophile, you’ve never even seen one on stage before, relax. You can sit back and just enjoy the combination of great drama, great music and great singing. The experience is quite unlike any other and because it is brought to you by one of the finest opera companies in the world performing some of the most sensational music ever written right here on your doorstep, it really is too good an opportunity to miss. Going to give it a go? 

One week. Three productions. No ordinary opera.

*Milton Keynes Theatre is one of only five venues nationwide to host Glyndebourne Tour and is proud to have done so every year since the theatre opened in 1999.