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Children’s fashion upcycling classes coming to intu MK!

Tuesday 14 May 2019

A one-off kids’ fashion upcycling workshop at intu Milton Keynes was such a success that it’s set to become an ongoing class for youngsters aged 7-16.

The original workshop in March saw intu Milton Keynes teaming up with clothing alteration service The Zip Yard MK, and fashion upcycling business The White Rabbit Workshop, to give kids the chance to upcycle a piece of clothing that they no longer loved.

Following incredible feedback from both the children and parents, the workshop is proposing to run it as a weekly class, every Thursday, from 6pm-7pm. The sessions will cost £30 for the whole month (which includes four classes over the month), and the kids will do termly fashion shows for the parents to show off their creations.

It’s the perfect chance for budding artists aged 7-16 to get creative by upcycling clothing items they would otherwise throw out. The kids will collaborate with the experts at The Zip Yard MK and The White Rabbit Workshop to breathe new life into old clothing. They will also learn how small actions here and there – such as upcycling an item – can make a positive impact on society and the environment, whilst teaching a skill that’s considered a lost art. 

No sewing experience is necessary, and the workshops promise to be fun, creative and informative. The kids bring their own garments but all premium haberdashery materials – including sequins, trims, buttons and fabric – are included within the fee. Due to number restrictions in The Zip Yard MK, parents are encouraged to let their kids creative juices flow and are welcome to spend a relaxing hour in the shops or food outlets within intu Milton Keynes whilst the kids get busy! 

Owner of the Zip Yard, Russell Golding, said: “We’ve been upcycling garments on a small scale for our customers for years. Now that upcycling is fashionable, and we know the workshop format is a hit, we want to continue educating the younger generation on how to update their old clothes. We can’t wait to see their creations!”

Carly Byrne, owner of The White Rabbit Workshop, said: “Here at White Rabbit Workshops, we have been running this style of workshop for over a year now and when we held our first workshop at intu Milton Keynes in February, we were blown away by the younger generations interest and enthusiasm in Up- cycling fashion.”

The Zip Yard MK is one of the many retailers in intu Milton Keynes that’s dedicated to recycling and protecting the environment. Kirsty McGiff, marketing manager at intu Milton Keynes, added: “It’s great news that – after the success of the original workshop – these sessions are going to roll out on an ongoing basis. If your child is creative and interested in fashion, it’s the perfect extra-curricular activity!”

The start date of the workshops is to be confirmed but to register your child’s interest in the classes, please email Carly on and follow both intu Milton Keynes and White Rabbit Workshops on social media for news and updates on the event.